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How Do You Fight Fake News Using Tweets?

Fake news, the unsung hero behind Donald Trump’s Victory? It appears as if quite a number of people think so.

The fight against fake news seems to have escalated, especially after the US Election, and Mark Zuckerberg, seems to be on board this crusade as well.

This crackdown on fake news may not be a big deal, but there is no denying that it’s a thing and it needs to be addressed. In a desperate attempt to create click bait worthy headlines, many writers use provocative words or titles, to try and get as many page views or shares as possible. These headlines or news stories, often lack credible sources and research to support them. In fact, these “fake” articles often get more viewership than credible news stories.

One man, however, seeks to fight this trend using tweets.


Ever since mid-2014, Jake Beckman has been running a Twitter handle known as @SavedYouAClick. This account has 232,000 followers, and is about to approach 5,000 tweets. His account has been made famous, by means of ruining clickbait headlines using comedic replies.

In his latest “expedition”, Beckman looks forward to attacking the next style of clickbait by utilising his expertise to recognise and tag news claims as true or false. fted to include fake news” but he “didn’t truly understand how large of an impact it was having

When he was interviewed by the Daily Dot, he mentioned that he  “didn’t truly understand how large of an impact it was having until the U.S. election in November”. During the same interview he announced that this account “is a natural extension of the first account” and continued to reassure his fans that both accounts will still continue to run.


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