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Fender Stratocaster introduces USB enabled guitar

The Fender guitar company, which is famous for their high-end, solid-body styled electric guitars has recently introduced a revolutionary USB enabled  guitar called the Squier Stratocaster.  The newly designed USB enabled instrument will offer the ability for the user to record and share tracks without any need of additional hookups. 

If there were any guitar maker that emanates nostalgia, it would be a Fender.  Starting out as the ‘Fender’s Radio Service’, the small business would go on to become the first company to set a precedent by offering the first solid-body Spanish-style electric guitar produced in mass.  The company would become synonymous with style and of course Rock n’ Roll.

However, in this day and age everyone want to somehow connect all their gadgets to a computer.  Fender has acknowledged this reality, and will be offering a budget friendly guitar with a USB hookup to allow users to record their own tracks and share them with friends or colleagues.

The new electric guitar will be called the Squier Stratocaster (one the best selling guitars of all time was the Fender Stratocaster, introduced in the 1950s) and will offer an integrated USB port, which allows one to record and share their music tracks.  While the guitar is being marketed to the Apple iOS platform, Fender made sure the guitar was PC friendly and it will also be compatible with Windows 7 operating systems and above.

It is only logical that Fender would choose this new type of method with Internet technology and speeds advancing like they are now.  Instead of some fancy audio interface connection, now anyone can connect their USB, record some tracks and then upload it immediately to the Internet.  This revolutionary guitar offers a stereo headphone jack that has a volume control when the user connects it to their iDevice or PC.  The guitar can of course be played like any other electric guitar with the standard ¼” jack.

The Apple store states that the all-new Squier from Fender will offer a bi-directional audio streaming, which includes a top of the line headphone amp.  This guitar will allow the user to record directly to their iPhone, iPad or Mac without the need of any hardware.  Some of the specifications on the guitar include a pickup tone control, type mini-USB connector with bi-directional audio streaming and a pickup select switch.

Currently the guitar is only available at the Apple store and is priced at a highly reasonable 199.95 U.S. dollars, and it even comes with free shipping.    For more information you can check it out at the Apple store.

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