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Fake apps posing as Halo 4: iOS users get scammed

Apple has recently made a rather large blunder – approving not one, but two apps that claim to be Halo 4. While they certainly look to be official ports of the official game, one is actually a racing game, while the other is a chess game.

Well, what do we have here? Looks like someone ported Halo 4 to the iPhone and iPad just in time for Christmas! However, don't be fooled because not all things are as they seem.

There are two apps out in the AppStore, promoting themselves as Halo 4. What are they really? The screenshots, the app logo, and even a 343 Industries copyright logo are pretty convincing, and the amount of buys have been getting out of hand. One of the apps is for iPhone and iPad and the other is iPhone only, each priced at $4.99.

"Halo 4 for iPhone/iPad is the fourth in the Halo series where Master Chief returns to battle an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation," reads a summary of one of the games.

How was Apple tricked? Many look to reviews to check if a game is really what it says it is, and these games have many five-star reviews purporting their validity. Each review requires a unique Apple ID and login, and there are hundreds of these fake reviews. Not only that, but the reviews are pretty staggering in the variation and depth. "I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile," says one review. “I'll update if I have a poor frame rate as some are claiming."

Apple has been shamed thoroughly on this one; the news has even made it into a recent LA Times article.

While the games were finally removed, many people already lost their money on the purchase. The apps were put out just before the infamous “app freeze” – no new apps, bug fixes, or price changes are allowed during that period. This is also the highest revenue period for the App Store, being so close to the holidays.

Someone out there made some nice pocket change off iOS users.

Source: EGMNow

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