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Fake Apple apps arrive at the Google Play Store.

A slew of Apple apps have inexplicably ended up in the Google Play Store. However, instead of being able to run some foreign apps on your android device, you'll find that these fake apps don't work.

Recently, Apple's entire catalog of first party apps, including applications such as iPhoto, Garage Band and Keynote, have been appearing on Google's Play Store for download onto Android devices.  However, anyone who did soon found that the apps didn't work. The $4.99 iPhoto app, for example, doesn't start, and one user reported that it instead displays a message "Wont open says not connected to internet when i am"

…This doesn't look right.


Some clever users might have avoided the apps, finding it largely suspicious that Apple's first party software catalog suddenly shows up in a rival's app store: Apple generally does not let their apps slip out, and the most you can hope for is a knock off in the Play Store. Unfortunately, many users didn't reach this conclusion, and whoever uploaded these forgeries to the store likely made a good quick buck.


Google did remove the apps within a few hours, but unfortunately, anyone who bought them before then are out of luck. That's unfortunately the price you pay for having an open platform… sometimes people take advantage. An interesting question though, is how many people actually bought these apps. If there were a lot, regardless of whether the apps were fake or not, what does that say about Android's customer base?

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