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Facetune 2 Hits the iTunes App Store

The selfie-editing app now has a subscription model.


The original Facetune was popular on the iphone app store, and allowed its users to improve their selfies by giving them softer skin and glowing cheeks. Now developer Lightricks is hoping to shift their business model from one-time purchase apps, to subscriptions. “There is only so much innovation you can cram inside a one-time $4 purchase,” Lightricks co-founder Itai Tsiddon said in an interview with Recode,“In order to create serious software companies on mobile, recurrent monetization is really a must.”

“Recurrent monetization” in mobile apps usually means in-app purchases, but a subscription model would be an alternative which could provide steady and predicable income. “We’ve been thinking subscriptions are the right way to go for the App Store for a while,” Tsiddon said. This is perhaps partially motivated by an announcement made by Apple in June, where they promised developers a higher share of revenue on subscriptions for customers who have subscribed for more than a year. “We were proud to participate in their announcements back in June, and we’re proud to be one of the first new ones out the door,” added Tsiddon.

The standard subscription to Facetune 2 will set you back around $20 a year, though monthly subscription offers exist as well. As with many other subscription based services, the first month is free, and if you happened to grab the app on its launch during Black Friday, it would have been yours for half price as well.

Those who aren’t prepared to pay for a subscription will be happy to hear that much of the functionality available in the original Facetune is now available for free in Facetune 2, with extra tools that can be acquired through in-app purchases. The Israeli developer however, promises that the subscription service is still worth the money: “What they’re buying with subscriptions are an order of magnitude more than what was available in the legacy, one-time-purchase product,” Tsiddon said.

The original Facetune saw massive popularity, becoming the number one paid app in 120 countries with more than 7 million downloads. The revenue (not counting Apple’s cut) for FaceTune and Lightricks’ other app Enlight, has reached $10 million a year.

Source: Recode


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