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Facebook’s Messenger Camera Takes a Shot at Snapchat

Facebook doesn’t just hope to use Instagram Stories to fight Snapchat. It’s standalone application, Messenger, has integrated a Camera to fight off its rival.

Just like Snapchat, Messenger Camera allows you to draw over your photos and videos, to add on emoticons and stickers, as well as use real-time filters to add some cool and ridiculous effects to your pictures and videos. What’s more, you can even add Prisma-ish art filters over your pictures, rolling out both the Android and iOS variant of the update today.

Messenger, is something Facebook is investing a ton of money in. The messenger app had hit 1 billion active users as of July this year.  To further its appeal to the masses, the move to clone Snapchat’s signature effects and features seeks to strike Snapchat hard and win over the yellow ghost’s fanbase.

It is also not all copying with Messenger Camera of course. There are some improvements in it that Snapchat doesn’t have. Instead of just limiting yourself to the available masks, you can actually craft and create your own ones, to add in more props to your shots. To make things easier, you can also hit the search bar to look up certain artwork for your own images.

I’m not sure if this will help Facebook kill off Snapchat, but I’m most certainly going to give it a go soon.

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