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Facebook publishes subscribers’ mobile phone numbers for all to see?

If you have not been keeping up with the controversies that have been surrounding Facebook over the past few days, today might just be a good time to log in to your account to see if you have been the victim of yet another alleged privacy breach. Apparently, it seems that the popular online social networking service has managed to publish its subscribers and their friends' mobile phone numbers on its platform for all to see, and needless to say many are not exactly pleased with the service's latest move.

If you are the kind of person who values privacy on Facebook and do not want people to gain access to more intimate details about you and your friends, such as their cell phone numbers, you might want to log in to the popular online social networking service pronto to check if everything is still fine with your account, This is because Facebook have somehow managed to publish a whole chunk of its subscribers' mobile phone numbers onto its online platform, a move which has had many users understandably irked.

According to various reports that have been posted online, the latest privacy breach allegedly occurred some time last weekend, where many users were understandably shocked to see contact details such as their full names and mobile phone numbers appear on Facebook's online platform. This has resulted in many taking the initiative to warn friends about the latest privacy breach by urging users to log in to their accounts and change their privacy settings as soon as possible.

Apparently, the hoo-ha over the alleged privacy breach was so intense that Facebook had to issue an official response of sorts on its fan page, where it claimed that the rumours about phone contacts being published on its online platform were false. Facebook has also gone on to claim that this feature has been present in its online platform for the longest time already, and that such contact details are only visible to users who have made use of its mobile sync service to synchronize those numbers. However, it would seem that Facebook's response has done little to stem the outpouring of negative feedback, especially how some users are claiming that their numbers were still showing up on Facebook even after explicitly disabling mobile sync.

Source: eCrypt, PCWorld

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