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Facebook Lookback can now be edited with your choice photos and updates

If you’re not satisfied with the photos included in your Facebook Lookback video, fret not. Facebook now allows users to edit photos that will be included and highlighted in Lookback.

Facebook lookback

In time for Facebook’s 10th anniversary, the social network launched a feature that enables users to take a look back at their social networking journey so far. With Facebook Lookback, the system automatically pulls up photos and updates from the past and mashes these up into a one-minute photo collage video, a photo collage or a thank-you note, depending on the age of your account on the service.

Not everyone is satisfied with the results, though, as a lot would certainly change in a span of 10 years. While the Lookback content was initially un-editable, Facebook now lets users edit what appears on their Lookback. Just clicking on the “Edit” button or going to facebook.com/lookback/edit will bring up the editing interface. It’s quite basic: you get to choose a few photos or updates to include in these categories: Your First Moments, Your Most Liked Posts and Uploaded Photos.

Facebook Lookback edit

The editor is not quite feature-packed, however. And the selection of photos and updates is still limited at this point. What the editor offers is a way to change the existing photos in the collage into something else — particularly useful if there are some embarrassing or incriminating photos on one’s Facebook Lookback. Imagine seeing a lot of former relationships and flings from the past — certainly not a good thing if you’re already married or in a new, steady relationship.

Of course, after editing one’s Lookback movie, the next thing to do would be to share this with an audience of friends, if you’re the sharing type. Otherwise, the Lookback movie is a good way to get an overview of your social networking life for the past decade or so.

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