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Facebook Home now available on your favorite 1080p smartphones

Facebook Home for Android officially lands on 1080p devices, a flagship from every major camp.

Facebook quietly updates their much hyped (and sometimes great) Facebook Home launcher, adding official support for three new devices (all of which happen to be 2013 flagships). Facebook Home now supports the following new smartphones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • HTC One
  • Sony Xperia ZL

This doesn't really come as a big surprise, as Facebook had promised to expand support rapidly. Yet even weeks after the launching, the Home launcher still supports only a select few 2012 flagships and a limited number of 2013 ones too. It is rather sad that the Social Networking giant's app hasn't added support for Google Nexus products (which are usually the universal devices to receiving all kinds of support), and that they decide to support the Xperia ZL and not the Xperia Z (here's where it gets confusing).

Coming back to the app itself, you'll be greeted with a "Use Home Anyway"  warning for Sammy and Sony devices, while no such warning pops up on the HTC One. Facebook has to do a lot with the app to make it even more functional and a viable alternative to using their (not so great in the first place) Facebook app. Chatheads is a brilliant and cool new feature, but what next? Also, widening support for more devices is the only way forward so as to cater to the millions of Facebook users (as right now, supporting 8 or so devices really isn't cutting it). You can find the app on Google Play Store (or simply follow the link given below).

Facebook Home for Android on Google Play Store

Nevertheless, if you've been waiting to give Facebook Home a shot and your device is still not supported, you could always head over to XDA Developers Forum and install the modded APK file yourself.

Source: TheNextWeb

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