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Facebook Home fails to make the Android experience better

Who knows how much Facebook spent on furnishing its new Home for Android, but apparently the house warming guests weren't too impressed by the décor and dinky second-hand living room set.

According to Google Play statistics, 44 percent of users who have used the Home launcher gave it just one star, 14 percent gave it 2 stars, 12 percent with 3 stars, 10 percent gave 4 stars, and 19 percent raved about the app and gave it 5 stars.

For a product to be anywhere near acceptable in the mobile world, especially in terms of an app, the average reviewer scores should be “above average”.  However, Facebook Home has failed thus far (albeit, the Android launcher was only added recently to Google Play) to convince mobile consumers that it’s a necessity rather than a novelty. 

If it wasn’t bad enough that Home got such a low rating, most of the reviewers that gave one stars stated that the app took too much control of the phone.  Android users have always touted about their platform’s ability to be highly customizable, but Home seems to have taken away that core experience.

Facebook Home is still young and the pool of reviewers is still limited, but perhaps these negative data and feedback will entice Facebook engineers to come up with something refreshingly cool instead of something that’s utterly useless. 

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