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Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more – edging towards Big Brother or, worse, SkyNet?

Facebook, with close to a billion users now, is a perfect data mining treasure for any intelligence service that would control it – but what about Google's combination of tracking and searching capabilities? Or Microsoft's rumoured backdoors in Windows for the US intelligence?

I am not an active Facebook user, and when my contacts send me Facebook notifications, I kindly advise them to use more traditional means, or other contact networks. However, over 800 million others are active there and, even with China – somewhat justifiably – blocking the service, the number might reach a billion by the end of this year. Now, imagine you are any government's intelligence service, and you have some control over a huge, truly huge, data base of all the Facebook users profiles, photos, activity updates and such – basically, the users themselves provide most of the work needed to track them! Any data mining on these would obviously create a lot of return – no wonder that the real forces behind Mark Zuckerberg and the team were often rumoured to be Mossad or CIA or both, mentioned in various combinations. What to do, if true, can only take a hat off to them for such ingenious idea…

But, is Facebook the only Big Brother-potential service that can turn you into a slave of the New World Order – aside of MSG & Aspartame laced food, fluoridated water and poisoned planetary environment meant to dumb you down further and if possible exterminate most of us along the way for easier control of the survivors? Well, far from it… ever thought about Google?

Google itself, at the initial stages of gaining popularity of its OS and browser efforts, was seen as the 'freedom' alternative compared to Microsoft, whose links to the US NSA agency – after all, Bill Gates was no 'self made enterpreneur', do check his father's US government connections – are quite well known, including widely rumoured – but never officially proven – security backdoors in Windows itself. Now you understand why the Chinese government is not exactly friendly towards Windows on their systems?

But then, is Google any better? Let's have a good look at the combined resources of this behemoth, and what these could do in the future… deep-dive geographical locating service combining Google Earth and Google Streetview with GPS-based real time tracking of millions of Android phones and associated Google user profiles and such, not to mention data mining capabilities and worldwide search data on anyone and anything, and the combined world's knowledge, where Google by far exceeds any other known public service. Plus, why not add DNA profiling and related database, for further tracking of everyone's specific genome and – why not -specific vulnerabilities in the future for ethnic-based or even personally-tailored bioweaponry aimed to take out specific groups or individuals.

The gigantic datacentres, combined with knowledge mining and even decision making software layers, combined with all the above could create a true blue SkyNet machine from the Terminator movies, that would in theory track all the humans as if they were a sort of robotic androids… oh well, that's the name of Google's seemingly unstoppably popular mobile OS platform, isn't it? Ouch, that Windows Phone OS now looks positively safe…

Either way, whether we allow total control over ourselves or not, is largely our call – whether it is on food we eat, fluids we drink, air we breathe – minus the chemtrails of course – as well as protection from natural or increasingly artificial germs around us. Same applies to the addition to 'application stores' which are a very easy way for total control of what you can install and run on your, name it, smartphone, tablet, and maybe mobile PCs. Again, even generic Windows, not to mention Linuxes, look like oasis of freedom, compared to the app-store level of control – and there we come to another particularly paranoid company – Apple…

Nebojsa Novakovic
In the spare time over the past two decades, editor and writer of high-end computer hardware and design features and analysis for European and US media and analyst houses. Reviews of high end hardware are my specialty for 28 years already.

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