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Facebook for Android gets push notifications, thanks to BlackBerry

Now this has got to be an interesting little “feature” of sorts for Facebook, if there ever was one. Apparently, it is now possible for Android users to receive push notifications from Facebook on their smartphones even though the feature has yet to make its way down to the official Facebook app for Android. And the trick to get it working? Well, here is a hint: it has got something to do with Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS.

Push notifications for Facebook is a feature which every Android Facebook user has been lusting for ever since Google's mobile operating system first saw the light of day on the market, right? Well, the good news is that the wait for such a feature to eventually make its way down into the official Facebook app for Android might now be at an end, thanks to an unexpected discovery made by a certain girl who was a former BlackBerryOS user.

According to the report published by AndroidCentral, one of its forum members, who goes by the handle ccw1134, found out about the undocumented feature in the Facebook app when his daughter, who recently switched from a BlackBerry Curve to a Motorola XPRT smartphone, was able to consistently receive push notifications on her Android phone without any issues. Apparently, this led ccw1134 to compare settings between both his and his daughter's Facebook accounts, and they found out that the daughter's account in Facebook had an additional entry in the form of a “Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones” appearing under Facebook's list of authorized apps.

So what does this mean? Well, if you are really desperate to gain push notification functionality on your Android smartphone, you will first have to get your hands on a working BlackBerry smartphone and log into Facebook using its Facebook app. When that is done, you will have to head back to your Android smartphone, log in, and check the “Notifications” box. And watch in joy as the notifications start coming in as soon as they are published on Facebook. How neat can that be?

Source: AndroidCentral

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