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Facebook faces declining teen interests in its social network

Facebook is still the go-to social networking platform for the young and younger, but some recent stats are indicating that teen interests in Facebook is dwindling as they explore other social platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Teenage users on Twitter rose to about 25 percent (1 in 4 teens report that they use Twitter), which is up from about 16 percent in 2011.  While the increase doesn’t seem as significant over a span of about two years, the indication marker here is telling of Facebook’s declining appeal to younger people. 

Still, the reality is that 94 percent of online teens reported they have a Facebook profile, and 81 percent say they use it as their main medium for social networking.  The numbers continue to be in Facebook’s favor as only about 7 percent of teenagers use Twitter as their main platform, with 3 percent using Instagram the most, and a measly 1 percent for Tumblr. 

Teens often don’t want their parents to view their personal information; hence, they often change their Facebook privacy settings to “friends-only.”  However, it remains that many digital age parents have their ways of tracking down their kids’ Facebook business.  Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t require real names, and so the likelihood of a parent finding out what a teen is up to is significantly lower compared to Facebook.

Teens tend to fear their parents more than they do marketers who are mining for user data.  Only about 9 percent of teens say they worry about how their information was being collected.  However, about 50 percent of all parents say they are concerned about how internet companies monitor and gather data about their children.

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