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Facebook Creates Tool That Slices 360-Degree Video Size By 25%

Facebook recently announced that they are open-sourcing their Transform tool that will enable file sizes for 360-degree virtual reality videos to be cut down by 25%.

Currently, 360-degree video has large file sizes and can take a significant amount of time to deliver that content to Facebook users on their news feed.

A 360 video in equirectangular layout.

According to Facebook’s recent blog post about this new change,

When a 360 video is uploaded, we transform it from an equirectangular layout to the pyramid format for each of the 30 viewports, and we create five different resolutions for each stream, for a total of 150 different versions of the same video. We chose to pre-generate the videos and store them on the server rather than encode them in real time for each client request. While this requires more storage and can affect the latency when switching between viewports, it has a simple server-side setup and doesn’t require additional software.

This new implementation will help speed up the render time for the 360-degree video and provide a better overall experience for the end user, not to mention freeing up some space on Facebook’s servers.

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of Facebook’s blog post to get a better visual understanding of how this new implementation works.

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