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Extreme overclocking and live world record shown at PAX Australia

The PAX (Penny Arcade Expo’s) are renowned for their celebrations of gaming culture. Everything from console & PC games & manufacturers showing their latest creations, to comic books, cosplay and board games. At this year’s PAX Australia, with industry heavyweights such as Intel having a large presence, extreme overclocking was demonstrated with a large enthusiastic crowd on hand to watch live liquid nitrogen OC by Intel and Team.AU, an Australian elite overclocking team.


Image courtesy of Team.AU

One of the goals of the overclockers was to push a i7 6950X as high as it could possibly go. This is Intel’s flagship consumer chip, with 10 cores based on the Broadwell-E architecture, which is not known for its ability to clock extremely high compared to other Intel designs. The guys were indeed able to push the CPU to a new world record of 5744 Mhz.


Anyone who has ever had a real crack at overclocking will know it can be a balance of reward and frustration. Now add the pressures of a live event with a MC describing your every move and a crowd watching on. Needless to say, this was very well done!

Anyone curious to know more about what makes extreme overclockers tick, can check out this Q&A session which took place after the guys demonstrated a AMD processor running at 8Ghz. It gives a good insight into what makes overclockers do what they do. The origins of the passion, the thrill of getting the results you want and some of the frustrations involved.


The 6950X HWBOT submission can be seen here and Team.AU’s Facebook page can be seen here.


Image courtesy of Team.AU

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