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Extensive Moto Maker customization, 2 GB RAM option tipped for Moto G 2015

The third-gen budget Android soldier should join its more gifted X cousins in the popular personalization program, and could double down on its predecessor’s memory count.

Moto Maker Moto G 2015

Over the years, the mid and even low-end handheld standards have progressively grown to a point that yesterday’s flagships barely find their place around the center of today’s totem pole. It’s no wonder therefore cash-strapped mobile buyers didn’t exactly love the news the 2015 Moto G will likely retain the RAM capacity of the 2013 and 2014 editions.

But nothing’s certain until it’s certain, and an industrious Reddit user by the name of Coconuttery may have dug up conclusive evidence a 2 gig New Moto G version is in the pipeline. It’s possible this will be offered as part of the Moto Maker tool as a superior, pricier alternative to the base model in a handful of markets. Most prominently, the United States.

Moto G 2015 colors

It’s nearly set in stone you’ll also receive 16 GB internal storage space to go with the 2 GB RAM, as well as a boatload of back and accent color options. We count at least ten different paint jobs for the upcoming 5 incher’s textured rear in the latest exposé from prolific serial leaker @evleaks, each doubled by a contrasting shade for the… thing that connects the main camera and logo dimple.

These range from classic to classy to swanky and outright bizarre, while the front part remains coated in black or white, just like the 2014 Moto X. Of course, we’d have loved a more premium build material replacement for chintzy plastic, but let’s admit wood and leather are a bit much for a handheld that needs to keep the MSRP below the $300 mark, even in a 2 GB memory configuration.

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