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Exploit in uPlay launcher removes DRM from Ubisoft games

Ubisoft's uPlay game launcher apparently has an exploit which has allowed hackers to fool the system into thinking you own games that you actually don't.

Ubisoft is an expert at poorly designed DRM. In the past, their DRM has included software which allows access to your computer by hackers, technical issues (which only plague paying customers), and a glaring amount of inefficiency. Now, their uPlay game launcher has had its turn in the spotlight and the problem it has given Ubisoft is almost comically disastrous.

uPlay’s PC client has allowed hackers to develop a simple tool which fools the client into thinking the user owns copies of games they have never purchased. This in itself would be terrible, but the tool even affects games from other publishers, such as Square Enix and EA. As an example, Far Cry 3’s new DLC, “Blood Dragon” isn’t released yet, but it’s sitting on Ubisoft’s servers, so the hackers downloaded it and posted a one and a half hour long gameplay video as proof.


Oh look, it's Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon! …wait, that hasn't been released yet, has it?


Ubisoft doesn’t seem to be able to get this stuff right, and it seems to be getting worse with every attempt. They might have to start worrying about lawsuits. Perhaps then, it is time to give up on the horrible shamble known as uPlay and ask if they can go play over at Steam’s house instead.

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