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Experience Adobe Fresco For iPad Firsthand: Free Drawing App Brings Art To All

Artist or not – if you love art, rejoice. The recently-launched Adobe Fresco for iPad is available as a free download, bringing brushes and vectors from Adobe Photoshop to new heights.

Wet-on-wet oil painting on Adobe Fresco by Kyle Webster

Powered by the the artificial intelligence smarts of Adobe Sensei, Fresco imbues thousands of digital brushes with the feel of tools in real life. From oil paints to watercolours, Live Brushes recreates actions and actions like alla prima and variegated washes.

With deep research into the way media interact with each other, Adobe Fresco enables the intuitive creation of natural and professional artworks, but doesn’t stop there. Being digital in nature, Fresco allows users to mix media that would not usually match in real life, cut down lengthy processes like waiting for paint to dry, and create larger-than-life artworks with infinitely scalable vector brushes.

Infinitely scalable vector brushes give for an otherworldly look to artworks. Image: Adobe

Adobe Fresco is also fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop, allowing for users to leverage on the power and functionality of the two applications – especially with full Photoshop slated to hit iPad by the end of the year. The app also allows for artworks to be exported to PDF to be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Fresco is available as a free downloadfor all iPad users with limits on some tools and functions. The full version is available free only for Creative Cloud subscribers or for a standalone subscription with the first six months complimentary.

Select from a wide variety of brushes to create a unique, natural look to your artwork. Image: Adobe

Fresco will be a big part of Apple’s The Big Draw Festival happening throughout the month of October, where free classes and sessions will be held showcasing various apps, techniques, and functions of the iPad and Apple Pencil.

During the month-long festival, your child can experience this creative and interactive tool firsthand as they create an emoji themselves on 25 October. Michael Ng of mindflyer will be on hand to demonstrate the use of Adobe Fresco to bring ideas to life on 27 October.

Adobe Fresco for iPad is specially designed to take advantage of the power and capabilities of iPad. Image: Adobe

Further details on the capabilities of Adobe Fresco can be found on the company’s blogpost here.

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