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Executive in charge of iOS 6 Maps fired by Apple SVP

According to a report by Bloomsberg, Richard Williamson, the executive in charge of Apple's largely disdained Map application, has been fired.

Williamson, "Senior Director, iOS Platform Services", is quite possibly the scapegoat of Apple's flop of an attempt at a Maps application, released alongside the iPhone 5 with the iOS 6 platform.

For the majority of the iOS 6 production period, Maps was well known for its apparently advanced 3D imagery technology, but the application turned about to be an extreme disappointment, and possibly the most infamous gaffe of the iPhone 5.

It isn’t fair to point a finger at any particular person, and call them responsible for the Maps goof. However, there are obviously some parties that are more responsible than others. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stepped up and apologized for the poorly designed Maps product, but that alone doesn't solve the immediate problem.  Since dimissing Apple's top brass was out of the question, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software Eddy Cue, decided to let Williamson go and hire some better people for the job, which is precisely what Cue plans to do.

Says Bloomsberg:

In removing Williamson, Cue wants to install a new leadership team for the group, one person said. A replacement for Williamson wasn’t immediately known. Attempts to reach Williamson weren’t successful. A team at Apple has been working to fix the mapping mistakes, focusing first on some of the most glaring problems, one person said. The satellite imagery over the U.K. has been improved and labels for popular U.S. landmarks such as the Washington Monument have been corrected.

Bloomsberg reports that Apple does not yet have a replacement for Richardson, but judging by the standard he set, it isn't easy to imagine that his shoes will be difficult to fill.

Source: 9to5mac via Bloomsberg

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