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Exclusive: Razer Krait 1600dpi gaming mouse

Being announced during WCG 2005, Razer Krait is yet another mouse from Razer’s impressive line up of gaming mouse. But the difference for this mouse would probably be the fact that it’s designed specifically for less demanding Real Time Strategy gamers instead of the usual FPS crowd. Spotting a refreshing orange glow, and a budget friendly pricetag, VR-Zone takes an insight on this new Razer mouse!

The conventional computer mice lived a long life since the start of the
“Microsoft Windows” era. Mice these days are definitely a far cry from what it
used to be – beige in color, with dirty and worn tracking ball beneath… a scroll wheel in between the 2 buttons are aboput as fancy as they get. Mice of
this generation, especially those targeted at high end gaming, all come with cutting edge technologies. This comes as no surprise. Like
the solider with his rifle, the mouse is probably the gamer’s only weapon in his game, apart from the keyboard.

Razer is a company which specializes in top end gaming mice. While we’ve seen
the top end Razer Copperhead not long ago, the Razer Krait is not a product to
replace the Copperhead. Spotting a smaller sized body, and “only” 1600dpi, the
Krait was not designed to be a First Person Shooter (FPS) mouse.
The Razer Krait was being announced during World Cyber Games Grand Finals 2005 and
we were told that the Krait is a mouse meant for Real Time Strategy (RTS) players.
Probably due to the less demanding nature of RTS games, the Krait does not come
with the similar cutting edge features found on the Copperhead. However, we believe the Krait is a product meant to replace Razer’s aging
Viper. To summarise, the Krait is a lower end mouse, targeting the mass market with a “wallet friendly” price tag. We’ll address further on why we think so in the coming pages…

The Razer Krait. While most other mice comes in blue or red
glow, the Krait does away with the norm, and glows in orange when powered.

Here are some quick specifications on the Razer Krait:

  • Up to 1200 Actions Per Minute (APM)

  • 1600 DPI Infrared Optical Engine Powered by Razer Precision

  • 3 independent programmable buttons optimized with
    Hyperesponse Technology for Ultra Tactile button feedback and maximum APM
    game play

  • 16 bit Data Path, as compared to 8 and 12 bit data path used
    by conventional mice

  • Zero-Acoustic Ultrasleek Teflon feet

  • High Speed Motion Detection, up to 40 Instructions Per Sec /
    over 6600 Frames Per Sec

  • Always On mode pioneered by Razer – The Infrared Optical
    Engine Sensor that never powers down, providing instantaneous response at
    all times during game play

  • Award Winning Razer drivers featuring on the fly sensitivity
    DPI adjustment pioneered by Razer

  • Non Slip Side Rails

  • Ergonomics Ambidextrous Design

  • Ultra Large Non Slip rubber coated mouse buttons

  • Gold Plated USB connector for Maximum Conductance

  • 7 foot Lightweight, Non Tangle Cord

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