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Ex-Infinity Ward (COD:MW) devs announce new IP, TitanFall

After Modern Warfare 3, several Activision developers felt their time had come to move on from the Call of Duty franchise and create their own company backed by Electronic Arts. Today, that company is Respawn Entertainment and their first title Titanfall has been teased on this month’s issue of GameInformer.

The title has just been announced exclusively for the  Xbox 360, Xbox One and the PC, which could mean cross-platform gameplay between each gaming device. Rumours have circulated that  Microsoft has picked up the game for exclusive console rights, due to the nature of the game.  It’s a mainly online-focused FPS Mech Shooter and will be running on a heavily modified version of Valve’s Source engine. The game will run at 60 frames per second and be released in Spring of 2014, according to the Informer article.

Respawn were asked about their decision to go with Microsoft over Sony, Respawn mentioned Microsoft’s promise for access to their cloud-computing resources, which would allow the game to use “unlimited dedicated servers” to offload the heavy amount of physics and AI routines. They did mention they have not entirely ruled out going multiplatform “in the future, but for their first game, [they] wanted to “focus on making the best game [they] could.”

It will be interesting to see Titanfall go against the Call of Duty: Ghosts considering the old ties, but Titanfall could be an original IP which may blow franchised hits out of the water. The original Infinity Ward founders definitely have the foundation and experience on making a hit game, especially for a first person, but adding the mechs could prove a whole new challenge for the developers. Regardless, it’s always good to see new IP’s in the sea of stale franchises and VR Zone wishes them the best of luck come 2014.

via Ars Technica

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