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Evidence For AirPods 3 Stacking Up: Noise Cancellation, In-Ear Design, IP Rating

Glyphs discovered in the iOS 13.2 beta ignited rumours about a follow-up to Apple’s super-successful AirPods, and are widely expected to sport noise cancellation and (certified) water resistance.

The glyph discovered by 9to5Mac in the iOS 13.2 code.

Current generations of AirPods are almost cosmetically identical, with minor changes to LED indicator and reset button placement.

This has been both good and bad for swathes of AirPods users – its one-size-fits-all approach means that while they are fuss-free and work perfectly right out of the box without any need to tinker, they don’t fit perfectly for everyone, and also don’t isolate background noise well at all.

Thanks to the glyphs discovered by 9to5Mac, we’ve got a better idea of how it might look like. Renders based on these rough images show shorter stalks and a sharper angle between the ear tip and the extensions that house the directional microphones.

9to5Mac further reports a mention of “focus mode” in the iOS 13.2 internal code, which it suspects refers to noise-cancelling capabilities for the new AirPods.

These findings are corroborated by leaks of the casing by SlashLeaks published more than a month ago. they show a more elongated charging case, and a similar earpiece structure.

Silicone sleeves to protect the AirPods 3 have also already debuted on Amazon, either uncanny prescience or further proof of the design and validity of the AirPods 3.

Also highly rumoured and hot on the heels of the major iPhone releases of 2019 is the iPhone SE 2. With other phone manufacturers offering segregated phone lineups this year, Apple’s strategy of offering previous years’ iPhones on discount is unusual at best.

The iPhone SE 2 will position itself much like Google’s Pixel 3a, with a similar price tag, but quite a different approach. It is expected to pack the latest A13 Bionic chipset while utilising a similar form-factor as the iPhone 8.

Release dates for both products are still a mystery, with some suggesting an October event, and others point at late March event where the first iPhone SE was unveiled in 2016.

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