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One issue I had with the UEFI was updating it. The Windows BAT file didn't work, thus I had to load the BIOS on a bootable USB flash drive. Making a bootable USB flash drive in itself isn't easy as many of the files you need are ancient, and not easy to find. I really think EVGA should think about adding BIOS updated through the UEFI itself, or fixing the Windows issue. I had one other issue with their UEFI, the lack of the ability to take a screenshot, but I think it only applies because I am reviewer. 

However there are some really awesome parts of their BIOS, first off it is very quick. That might be due to the fact that it lacks mouse control and a lot of the color that other UEFI's have. I do however much like this over some of the kiddie styles and epilepsy inducing colors you see in some other UEFIs. This UEFI isn't too hard to navigate, however settings are named differently than other UEFI implementations. I really like the fact that they have tons of options not found in other UEFIs like the ability to control PCI-E phase training. It might be very helpful with the PLX and PCI-E 3.0 GPUs which have issues with high BCLK. There are also some nice memory options in an advanced menu.

Overclocking is very straightforward, and there is one option I really love, the OC Mode setting. This setting will disable things such as the on-board audio controller. However don’t forget to turn it off, as you might wonder why your audio controller wont pop up. 

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