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EVGA X58 SLI Classified Preview

Above the DIMM slots is where you can find convenient Voltage Measurement points for various voltages if you’re one of those Multi-meter prone people. 

Let’s move a little lower. Here you find 4 Jumpers that can disable PCIE slots 1 to 4 respectively.


This can be useful when you’re troubleshooting Video Cards that are on a water-cooling loop or an Extreme Cooling attire. Simply flip a jumper to find out which card is causing problems without removing them. Also when the need to test each card’s overclocking ability arises, there is no need to take out your Video card or dismantle your watercooling setup.


These jumpers can be extended onto the EVGA Control Panel.


The EVGA Control Panel is a basic extension of ON/OFF, Reset, Clear CMOS, PCIE Disable and DEBUG LED ports. When you have cards crowding out the motherboard it can come in quite useful. Also there are 3 VCore booster buttons that can boost +0.1v VCore each real-time just pressing it. 





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