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EVGA X58 SLI Classified Preview

Let’s take a look at various aspects of the board that stands out.

Here, we see that this board uses a 10-phase Digital PWM:


It houses the most high-end MOSFETs from Volterra, VT1185 spec’ed to run 45 Amperes per unit continuously. This is a marked increase from the high-end of yester-gen VT1195 @ 40A.


Stuffing the CPU Core Power Circuitry with endless phases without looking at the big picture may not yield the best results though. A Very First to Very Last approach seems to be more logical.


The +12v comes into the board through the 8 pin CPU Power Connector. The potential bottleneck here is removed by doubling the current input capability with dual +12v. The board runs fine with just one 8-pin connected in either slots of course, but with high-end GPUs requiring 2 x +12v connectors, maybe its time for boards to move along considering the overclocking market some are catered for. 


At the same time, a more unique looking Capacitor is added into the works:


These Capacitors are specified to run at High Frequencies and seems a good pair with the adjustable PWM Frequency of 800K-1333KHz of this board. 


For an in-depth Torture Test of this check out the video below


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