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Everything Great About the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR just launched yesterday in most countries around the world. In our last article on the phone, we talked about some of the reasons why most people will be adopting this model, this year. Thinking about getting the iPhone XR? Here’s a list of all the pros on Apple’s new phone. Be sure to read our upcoming article on everything bad about the iPhone XR, too.


Colours for Everyone

One of the main draw points of the iPhone XR is the 6 colours it comes in: White, black, blue, yellow, coral and a very luscious Product Red. Rather than just having the same iPhone colours that everyone out there would have, the iPhone XR allows owners some form of personalisation. It’s always a good ice-breaker too unless you’re using a case – unless you opt for one of the official clear cases for the XR Apple has released!

Beautiful Updated Design

The iPhone is probably the best looking phone in the market and it’s always been known as that. Premium with fantastic design. The iPhone XR is no different. This year’s iPhones have adopted an innovated design from last year’s iPhone X, and boy does it look great.


The best LCD you can find

Though many identify this to be the XR’s weakness, I think that the use of LCD on this phone is completely acceptable. Unless you’re comparing directly with an iPhone Xs there is no way you’re going to see a significant difference in terms of screen quality. Those upgrading from the iPhone 8 and below will probably not see a difference at all, but like me, you’ll definitely be in love with this new display and its screen to body ratio of 79%. The big display looks amazing when watching videos and bigger means of course room for more things on one viewport.


While the XR lacks the telephoto camera that both the Xs models have, the XR’s camera is not such a step-down from them. In fact, it uses the exact same wide-angle camera found on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. It can do everything you’d expect a top end smartphone to do: 4K video recording, portrait mode with advanced controls and of course a great front-facing TrueDepth camera with iPhone’s signature Animoji and Memoji.


A12 Bionic

The best part about the XR is probably the fact that it has the same chip as the Xs models. This means that it’s equally as powerful and can do all the things that the other two can as well. The new A12 bionic chip is dubbed the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. For a comparison, the previous chip could only handle about 600 billion operations per second, but this new bad boy can handle about 5 trillion operations per second. That’s a massive upgrade.


iOS 12

The software is the major reason why iPhone users are well, iPhone users. Many would say iOS treats its users like idiots, I think iOS has the best user experience. For many including me, a phone is an everyday device, and I would want my phone to be simple to operate and as user-friendly as it can be. That’s why I love iOS and with the launch of iOS 12 this year, everything is more smooth and fast. New apps like Measure and Screen Time has been added to help you in your day to day life. iOS 12 is seeing the fastest adoption rate ever, the question is, will you adopt it with the iPhone XR?

Price and Competition

The iPhone XR. Image: Apple

The better iPhone?

With essentially the same internals and a little downgrade on the externals, some would say this is the iPhone that you should buy while the Xs is a luxury you should just look at. The price difference between the XR and Xs is huge: SGD $420. And if you’re looking at the Xs Max that would be $570. With all the great features and just a little less of the good stuff, the iPhone XR with a price tag starting at $1229 is definitely the people’s iPhone here.

Be sure to read the negative side of this two-part article here!

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