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Every ‘Destiny’ beta code unlocks three download keys to share with friends

Haven’t pre-ordered Destiny yet? Well, Bungie has you covered–and so do your friends.

Destiny First Look Alpha_20140614180306

The Destiny beta kicks off in just six short days, and masses of Guardian fanatics are busy frantically registering their platform of choice to secure their spot in the anticipated test. Future Guardians only need to visit the Redeemed Codes section on their Bungie.net profile page to lock-in their console, but be careful before you hit the confirmation button because there’s no going back.

The portal further revealed a nice little surprise from Bungie that ensures that everyone has “enough to field a full Fireteam”: gamers will be getting three keys per every registration.

Destiny Beta

That’s one for you and two to share with your besties, and if you should happen to have more than one registration, well…you can do the math.

The keys can be shared with users who haven’t pre-ordered the game, but be sure that your Xbox buddies have Xbox LIVE Gold as it appears to be required to access the beta. It’s also worth mentioning that the extra keys will undoubtedly match the registered platform–picking PS4 for example will assuredly net you three PS4 beta keys.

Bungie won’t be handing out the codes until July 17 for PlayStation gamers and July 23 for Xbox owners, and on the day of they’ll pop up via e-mail as well as on the same Redeemed Codes section of your profile.

For those European PS4 owners who are having trouble registering, Bungie has affirmed they are working on a solution and that it’ll be fixed in time for the beta’s PlayStation launch.

This is a great way to not only advertise their game but for Bungie to also improve the odds of greater stress testing for their servers, and to hook new prospective Light-slinging Guardians that have yet to pre-order. While it is a bummer for Xbox players that they only get four days with the beta, bringing two friends along for the ride gratis certainly helps allay the grief.

Destiny Beta schedule

Be sure to check out the official schedule above for more information on the Destiny beta, and maybe drop by our Destiny Alpha preview to relive some of those fond memories in the Alpha.

And one more thing: may the radiant Light of the Traveler fall upon your path, Guardian.

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