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Evergreen’s USB cable lets you control smartphone screens via PC

The DN-84254 is a micro-USB interface cable that was developed by Evergreen. It provides a way to mirror visual content conveniently via USB only, and lets you manipulate screen elements of the unit using your PC.

Sync programs for the PC and various access apps like AirDroid provides us with intuitive smartphone access for our PC. What they don't have however, is an access interface that directly reflects the way visual elements are presented in the smartphone. Evergreen's new USB accessory can, and in fact it may well be considered as a more intuitive version of your regular HDMI or any other video cable.

The DN-84254 is a very simplistic looking micro-USB cable that could effectively transmit screen information via device mirroring when used along with the software that comes with it. This means that the program visually displays whatever is currently presented on your smartphone screen. This may sound very simple, but not until you realize that you could actually access the interface of the smartphone using your PC!

That's right; you can use the PC mouse to navigate around the screen inside the program as if you are accessing the smartphone using your fingers. If an app would require you to input letters or characters, you can simply do so by using the PC's keyboard. Several key shortcut buttons on top of the program also allows you to conveniently make the device do specific commands, or access certain areas instantly. So, aside from being able to record screen activity directly on your PC (for gaming and reviews and the likes), you can also intuitively control the smartphone within the PC's environment as if it was just a simple Android emulating program or something.

The DN-84254 and its software can be used on PC's with the Windows XP/Vista/7/8 OS. As for the mobile device, it would run on Android 2.3/4+. The cable has a length of 120cm. Take note that it can't be optimized for a USB 3.0 port. It's currently available in Japan for 3999 yen (44 USD).

Source: PCWatch (JP), Shanghai Donya (JP)

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