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Evergreen release touch-based Bluetooth keyboard


Evergreen Inc is back again with another weird device for you crazy PC aficionados. It’s a touch based Bluetooth keyboard and it’s got “useless” written all over it. But looks can be deceiving so let’s take a look at what it’s really like.

Before we go into the tech side of this device, its worth noting that its one of those mysterious units that can only be acquired via direct sale. In this case the keyboard can be obtained via Shanghai Donya (that's Japanese for wholesalers), and you’ll forgive them for not spending too much on marketing, but come on guys you could have tried a little harder with the name. DN-80513. Seriously? It sounds like a reject droid from the Star Wars prequels. But anyway, like I said this is only available through direct sale, so I guess people who have their heart set on owning something like this won’t be too bothered about what its called.

So what does this little puppy have in store for those brave enough to put 7,999 Yen (that's a cool $100 USD) on the line for one?

By the power of Bluetooth!!

Well, the keyboard is exactly that – a flat board, with keys printed on the surface. It works by electrostatic capacitance (in normal people speak, that means iPhone-style (capacitive) rather than Nintendo DS-style (resistive)). This means when you spill your coffee on it, it will go all crazy for a while, but when it dries it will go back to normal. Unlike mechanical keyboards, which instantly fry when bathed in hot caffeinated liquids. So that's one plus point for the device.

Another advantage of the keyboard is that it works over Bluetooth, so it’s completely wireless. Even better is, you can switch modes on it to turn it into a Bluetooth touch pad. Ok not bad, Evergreen, so what else can you do to wow us with this little black brick?

There’s another cool option – the backlight. In dark places you won’t have to fall back on your Mavis Beacon skills to type, instead you will be greeted by the cool Tron-like hue of the panel. Another cool add on is that the board vibrates to every touch, and this haptic response should keep your fingers from feeling naked when tapping on this flat slab.


Might be cool for taking notes but you won't see anyone playing Counterstrike with this thing!


The dimensions seem to be somewhat tablet-oriented at 191x115x13mm, and it has a weight of 269g, so you won’t have to stock up on protein powder before carrying it around. Carrying it together with a 7-inch tablet should be a piece of cake. The keyboard of course has an internal battery, and it can be charged over USB.

The DN-80513 hasn’t jumped on the 4.0 bandwagon and is still Bluetooth 3.0, but its communication distance of a max 10m should be more than enough for any eagle-eyed typists. It supports Windows Vista/7/8 and iPad/iPhones on iOS 4.2 and below, and if you’re lucky enough to possess an Android phone with Bluetooth HID profiles, it should work on that too.

This keyboard isn’t for everyone, but might be a cool addition to your Starbucks survival kit if you have $100 lying around collecting dust.

Shanghai Donya Product Page: http://www.donya.jp/item/23966.html

Source: PC Watch 



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