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Europe to get the Meizu M9 soon?

Remember Meizu's M9 smartphone? You know, the one that seemingly resembles an iPhone but brings along with it its own share of originality in the form of a customized UI for its Android-based operating system and its own unique tweaks to the hardware's design? Well, it turns out that Europe might have no problem with giving the phone the official green light to be sold on its shores, if a recent report is of any indication.

It is often said that China is only place where manufacturers can produce knockoffs of popular consumer electronic devices without getting into trouble in the form of lawsuits and Cease and Desist orders, right? Well, not if Meizu and its M9 smartphone, which is reportedly extremely popular in China, has got anything to say about it.

Apparently, word has it that Meizu, the makers of the popular M-series of smartphones that bear more than just a passing semblance to the likes of Apple's iPhones, has been given the go-ahead to sell its M9 smartphone legally in Europe, and has even received the much-needed  CE certificate to prove its legality on European soil. According to a report published by Shanzai.com, the M9 was able to clear the tests and meet all the requirements that the EU has imposed in order for such devices to be given the right to be imported and legally sold in Europe.

The report also cited CiPhone, a leading French gadget blog, which claims to have confirmed the validity of the CE certificate for the Meizu M9, and that the company has already performed a translation of its user interface in order to make it more EU-friendly. This ties in with our earlier story published in December last year, where we pointed out that the company had successfully pushed out an English version of the M9's UI.

Last but definitely not least, Shanzai.com is also claiming that Meizu intends to release a new, updated firmware for the M9 which will allow it to "improve the display of European special characters by fixing the ID3 tag issues and enabling users to remove factory default apps".

Unfortunately, no mention about the M9's suggested retail price for the EU was made in either report, but we are guessing that Meizu will probably attempt to make it as affordable as possible for the average Joe.  Still, it will be interesting to see how Apple will react to this, considering that the Cupertino giant had previously filed a lawsuit against the company over the latter's products' similarities to the iPhone.

Source: Shanzai.com

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