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Eurocom leaks information of Fermi for notebooks

Some secrets are just not possible to keep, and Nvidia is no exception to the rule: a quick look at laptop maker Eurocom’s configuration page reveals that the graphics card manufacturer had been busy working on a variant of its Fermi GPU for use in mobile computing.

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It is well known that Fermi is not exactly the most environmentally-friendly GPU in the market, if GPUs could ever be considered as such in the first place. We have reported that Fermi will have a significantly higher TDP than its predecessors, which means that consumers who do plan to get one of Nvidia’s new GeForce 4xx graphics cards have to be prepared for a combination of higher electrical bills and hot computer innards.

But that has not stopped Nvidia in its plans to push Fermi beyond the desktop: in fact, it seems that the the graphics card giant has been working quietly behind the scenes to produce a mobile version of Fermi. And apparently, notebook manufacturer Eurocom has gotten wind of Nvidia’s plans, because a “2GB GDDR5 GTX 480 Nvidia Fermi” MXM module is listed as part of the possible configurations available for use in the company’s line of mobile workstations.

Of course, the option is not available for shipping yet: the configuration list states that the GTX 980M will only be made available in June 2010, but we cannot help but wonder just how power it needs, or the amount of heat it produces. But if the current specs for the desktop Fermis are anything to go by, you’d probably want to have a notebook cooler and your laptop’s charger with you at all timesyour future notebook were to pack a GTX 480M,

Source: Eurocom via Engadget

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