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Epson’s updated projector gets closer to conventional whiteboards

Epson presents the EB-1410W, one of the several updated units based from the projector products that they have developed and introduced almost a year ago. This particular product unit bases its function on the fundamental use of a projector pen, and attempts to make projector-based presentations and lectures far more intuitive than before.

The elegance of using projectors is in the malleability of screen interfaces. Just like a touchscreen, the fact that you can change elements on the board instantly and systematically makes lectures more technically presentable. Epson has been developing new projector concepts that focus on this theme for quite a while now, and we'll briefly present one of the upcoming updated product units that they introduced on December 11, 2012.

The EB-1410WT is, as technically specified, an office-type projector that is specifically designed to be used in lectures and presentations. The resolution of the unit is set at 1280×800, its maximum brightness at 3100 lumens, and contrast ratio at 3000:1. It is essentially an updated version of the EB-485WT, and as seen from the image, the projector unit is installed right above the board where the screen is projected.

The simple fact that it is installed very near the board already makes it better than standard projectors in two ways. First, shadow coming from the person standing in front would no longer obstruct the projected image. Second, the person in front would no longer be bathed in the bright light beamed by the projector. Of course, shadows would still appear as you get right below the projector however.

In standard white board mode, you can use the projector pens freely like a normal pen. With no obstructions in the screen, writing on it should feel and look fairly intuitive, as if writing with real ink. This mode does not require the unit to be connected to any device or peripheral, and it would slide out a default interface that would allow you to actively change ink color and thickness. Additionally you can also lay the projected screen horizontally flat if that would be more convenient, and if you need to use it for something other than lectures and presentations.

If you want to save and edit the notes you've made during the lecture or presentation, you can simply hook the EB-1410WT to a computer via USB. Unfortunately, wireless connectivity is not natively supported. But don't worry; it comes with a special adapter that provides such functionality. And speaking of PC's, the EB-1410WT could easily coordinate its functions with Microsoft Office's ink features, as well as having the option to be used as a drawing tool for PowerPoint and Excel (live slides anyone?). Finally, it can also communicate with other Android and iOS devices using the Epson iProjection app.

The commercial release date of the EB-1410WT is on January 17, 2013. It will be available with a set price of 300,000 yen (3,750 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP), Epson (JP)

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