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EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

EPoX has been rather supportive of Nvidia’s SLI technology and here, we see their latest SLI Innovation – A SLI-enabled Socket 754 Nforce 4 SLI mainboard!

Epox has been pretty supportive of Nvidia’s SLi technology, always
being one of the first mainboard manufacturers to dish out SLI-enabled mainboards.
Today, we will be taking a look at the EpoX 8NPA+SLI, the only Socket 754 SLI
platform available in the market now. This board aims to provide a SLI or multiple
display solution for the budget enthusiast. Epox has claimed that socket 754
SLI’s performance does not differ much from socket 939’s performance, will the
8NPA+SLI perform well enough to substantiate their claims?

Before we procced on to look at the features available on this
board, let’s take a look at the basic specifications of the mainboard.

CPU Support Socket 754 Athlon64s/Sempron up to 3700+
Memory Support 2x DDR400 Slots, Single Channel
Chipset NVIDIA NForce 4 SLI
Expansion Slots 2x PCI-E x16(x8), 2x PCI-E x1, 2x PCI
Audio 6 Channel Audio via Realtek ALC655
IDE 2x IDE with up to UDMA133 support
SATA Four S-ATA II ports from nForce4 SLi
Networking 1Gb Ethernet from onboard VITESS VSC8201RX Gigabit Ethernet PHY.
Support nV Firewall 2.0 , Active Armor
RAID RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, RAID 0, 1, 10 cross SATA+PATA via Nvidia Nforce
4 Chipset
USB 2.0 Ten USB connectors compliant with USB2.0 from embedded USB controller
(4 connectors at rear panel).
Power Connector 24+4pin
Form Factor 305mm x 225mm x 40mm, ATX Size
Bios 4Mb Flash EEPROM with Award Plug & Play BIOS
Support EZ Boot for fast bootable device selection
Support Magic Health for system hardware status report during system boot-up

The 8NPA+SLI doesn’t have all those mind blowing features that
SLI boards usually come with; it doesn’t even come with Firewire onboard.
Let’s proceed and take a look at the features onboard.

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