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EpicGear CompoXite Gaming Mousepad Revealed

EpicGear, the emerging gaming peripherals company behind the Meduza gaming mouse, and HybridPad, plans to launch a fleet of new products, at this year's Computex event. These include its first keyboard, named DeZimator, and a new mouse-accessory named Skorpious. It also plans to make additions to its mousepad lineup, with the CompoXite series mousepads. We got a bunch of pictures.

EpicGear's newest mouse-pad, the CompoXite, keeps is design focus on two elements: control and endurance. It appears to be designed for high-precision mouse movements using HDST mice (such as the Meduza), making it ideal for FPS snipers.

Measuring 380 x 270 mm, with a thickness of 3 mm, the CompoXite uses a non-directional 3D-textured surface pattern, which gives optical mouse sensors uniform tracking in all directions (fig. 1, below). Further, it is HDST-optimized (a high-precision laser+optical tracking technology). Its surface weave pattern has uniform gaps between threads which reveal a secondary neon-orange silicon layer to the HDST sensor, which then get picked up to enhance tracking resolution (fig. 2, below). EpicGear addressed the issue of the mouse cable rubbing against the edge of the mousepad, adding friction and affecting control, by designing the edges of the CompoXite to be curved (fig. 3, below). Lastly, the bottommost layer of the mousepad, which makes contact with the surface below (a desk or a table), is made up of a special silicon material that ensures maximum traction.

Moving on to the endurance part, EpicGear's CompoXite, like most high-end mousepads, consists of several layers. The real measure of the product's durability is not in the layers staying intact, without tearing apart; but with the layers maintaining their adhesion with each other. While most mousepad makers use glues and epoxies to bind the various layers, EpicGear sealed them in place, using high-temperature and compression to melt the fabric and silicon layer, forming a heat-seal (fig. 4, below). Lastly, you don't have to worry about damage caused by your beer Diet Double Dew spills, as the fabric has a fluid-repellent finish (fig. 5, below). 

EpicGear plans to unveil the CompoXite HDST-enhanced mousepad at Computex, and launch it to the market some time in August. We're just getting started with our exclusive EpicGear coverage. Stay Tuned!

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