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Epic Games plans to add Unreal Engine 4 support for mobile Windows platforms

According to Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney, the studio is interested in bringing their next-gen Unreal engine to Microsoft’s mobile platforms to make a unified support ecosystem.


Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has powered countless games throughout the years, serving as an extremely versatile and useful building block for a plethora of titles. Now with the advent of next-gen gaming consoles and even more powerful computers, Epic is pushing the engine’s limits even further to bring truly amazing and pristine environments, graphics, and overall astonishing visuals.

The newest iteration, Unreal Engine 4, isn’t just for consoles and PC; Epic will bring their powerful engine to mobile devices as well, offering a considerable boost in mobile gaming quality across tablets and smartphones.

Unreal Engine 4 will come first to Android and iOS due to each platform’s popularity and massive user-base, leaving Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows RT on the back burner. However Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney says support is coming–eventually.

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In a recent response over at Epic’s Unreal Engine Forum, Sweeney had the following to say on the subject of Windows mobile support:

“We have been doing some work in this direction (implementing various levels of WinRT API support) and we want to have Windows Phone support eventually, but we’re a very long way from having a ship-quality implementation.

“Right now our mobile efforts are really focused on iOS and Android based on their huge market sizes. We have a lot of work to do on these platforms before expanding to other mobile platforms such as WP.”

It’s not surprising that Android and iOS hold more precedence, and Sweeney outright says that we’ll see the engine on these platforms before it heads on over to Windows. There are some advantages, though, to Windows RT and WP being last supported, as it gives Epic more time to refine and polish the engine for optimum performance and compatibility.

In any case, it may be some time before we see Unreal Engine 4 on Microsoft’s mobile devices (or a very long time, as Sweeney mentions), but Epic isn’t ruling anything out just yet. The Unreal Engine 4 is currently available for PC and Mac for a nominal fee of $19 a month, and for more information be sure to head on over to the official website.

Via Joystiq, Unreal Forums

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