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Entire supply of Assassin’s Creed III games stolen from three countries

The shipment of Assassin's Creed III meant to supply the Netherlands, Beligum and Luxembourg has been stolen, leaving three entire countries without their ACIII fix.

The entire shipment of Assassin's Creed III's PC version, meant to supply three countries; the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, has been lost. The supply for all three of these countries was being shipped on a single truck, which was stolen on November 14th according to Dutch industry site EB. Ubisoft is claiming that this week's release of the PC version won't be affected, as the publisher will be able to replace the copies from other sources. However, anyone who ordered the limited Join or Die edition is out of luck. Those copies won't be re-manufactured.

"I'm here for your games. Step away from the truck."


Ubisoft has given the barcodes and serial numbers of the stolen copies to retailers, but the most likely outcome is probably for the thieves to sell the copies, as opposed to trying to return them all. Ubisoft has also blacklisted the serial numbers from their online authentication, but in this day and age, getting past DRM isn't all that difficult, so chances are, Ubisoft's efforts won't have much of an effect.


[Thankfully, I don't live in the affected area and got my hands on the PC version of ACIII yesterday. You'll see VR-Zone's review in the near future]

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