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Enter the Minion Cam!

Fujifilm has been making cameras for over 80 years now, and survived the Digital Era by coming up with their excellent X-series digital cameras. But do you know that their Instax series of instant cameras outsells their digital cameras by about five to one, and that Fujifilm is predicted to sell over 6.5 million Instax cameras this year?

Why are these cameras so hot, especially when everyone has a smartphone that’ll let them share their images directly to Instagram? Well, primarily its because they bring back the fun and ‘essence’ of instant photography with snazzy looking cameras, simple point-and-shoot capabilities, but most importantly there’s a ton of marketing tie-ins that let you shoot on Hello Kitty cameras and print to Star Wars themed photo!

The latest and probably most suitable movie tie-in is with the Minions of the Dispicable Me movie franchise, and we have to say the banana yellow Instax Mini 8 does look very minion-like, especially when suitably equipped with its ‘eye’ lens cap and removable ‘pants’ accessory!


Instax Minion Camera (SRP : S$159)


Classic Minion Instax Film  (SRP: S$17.90)

Movie Minion Instax Film – (SRP: S$17.90)

Shawn Chung
The Editor

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