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Elusive Microsoft Lumia 1030 could still be in the pipeline, including for Verizon

The evidence is flimsy at best, but don’t give up all hope for a beastly Windows 10 cameraphone until the fat lady sings.

Lumia 1030 concept

Before Nokia even considered selling its handset business to Microsoft, rumors were rampant in regards to a Lumia 1020 sequel. They never materialized, obviously, chiefly because Redmond decided to focus on low to mid-end mobile gear in the year leading up to Windows Phone 8.1’s follow-up release.

Now that the Lumia 940 and 940 XL are reportedly this close to going for Samsung Galaxy S6’s jugular, it’s time for the “McLaren” to also rise from the ashes and hint at a cancellation annulment. Yes, the consensus around the water cooler was that MS dropped the mind-blowing 50 MP 5 incher, but it’s possible the axe was subsequently overturned.

No words on whether or not futuristic 3D Touch gesture control is back on the table too, or if the recent avalanche of wildly popular phablets may convince the new Lumia brand administrators to crank up 1030’s footprint.

Lumia 1030 front panel

All we have is a supposed exposé of the gadget’s front panel, vouched for by French tech journalist Steve Hemmerstoffer, who also goes by the nickname @OnLeaks on Twitter. The European blogger and leakster’s track record is pretty decent, but this time, he’s really gambling on a piece of gossip he can’t definitively ratify.

What if we’re looking at an old prototype component from back when MS still tested the flagship waters? Not to mention it could be a fake, or simply an element of a different Lumia headed for Verizon.

Did we forget to underline a hazy Big Red logo is (barely) noticeable on the slim display frame, alongside a Microsoft, not Nokia stamp? Sorry about that, but it still doesn’t prove a thing. We may or may not see a formerly shelved Windows 10 Mobile spearhead debut this fall, and it may or may not find carrier support at America’s largest wireless service provider.

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