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Ellen Page says Naughty Dog stole her looks for ‘The Last of Us’

Popular Hollywood actress Ellen Page (Inception, X-Men, Hard Candy)  is upset about the character ‘Ellie’ from Naughty Dog’s, The Last of Us because it looks like an unsanctioned likeness of herself.

The lovely actress Ellen Page will soon have her video game world debut along side the famed actor William DaFoe in Quantic Dream’s upcoming, Beyond: Two Souls, which of course she is well aware of.  However, Page says she never had a deal with Naughty Dog to use her likeness in the game The Last of Us.

The news of the character similarity came by way of an official AMA interview on Reddit.  A ‘redditor’ asked Page if she was aware of the character ‘Ellie’, which of course is a major character in ND’s The Last of Us.  While she did not say it was assuredly her image, she did believe that her looks was a source of inspiration behind the character.

Page said that she was officially in the game Beyond: Two Souls by Quantic Dreams and excited to see it moving forward.

“I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness,” Page said in a Reddit AMA forum. “But I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond: Two Souls, so it was not appreciated.

Development of The Last of US came in 2011 and long before Beyond: Two Souls was announced.  While the character ‘Ellie’ has changed in appearance since the original concept of her, many felt the original likeness was indeed Ellen Page.

Naughty Dog did not deny that the likeness may have looked a bit similar to Ellen Page, but they simply brushed it off as a mere coincidence with no ulterior motives intended.  Naughty Dog did say that the changes for the character Ellie were made to be more in line with the actress Ashley Johnson and also a coincidence that she was changed soon after Ellen Page made her opinion on the likeness.

In this writer’s personal opinion, I just don’t see what the fans or Page might be seeing with the character of Ellie.  I think it’s just another overblown case of splitting hairs and calling a molehill a mountain.

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