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Elefone’s P8000 Delivers High Capacity 4,200mAh and 3GB of RAM for US$129.99

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been turning up their game when it comes to producing affordable, yet well-equipped smartphones. Elefone, is one of them, and its P8000 is a great example of an all-rounded budgeteer. With a 4,200mAh high capacity battery and 3GB worth of RAM, the P8000 is a jack of all trades worth considering.

The P8000 is built with a full-HD 1080p 5.5-inch display and the device will come with 3GB of RAM coupled with a midrange Mediatek MT6753 chipset. This should be sufficient for daily tasks with minor lags considering that it has an octa-core processor under the hood that ticks at 1.5GHz.

However, it is worth noting that the P8000 will not have some of the best internal storage space in the market, with its ROM coming in at a less impressive 16GB worth of space.

Nevertheless, the smartphone makes up for its shortcoming by delivering you a 4,200mAh battery that’s around 30% higher than the industrial average of 3,000mAh. The high capacity battery does come at a slight cost, resulting in the smartphone weighing a more hefty 212g, which might possibly deter some users.

In terms of its optical shooting abilities, the P8000 does appear to have pretty mid-range cameras, with a 13.0MP camera on the front and a 5.0MP camera on the rear. Elefone claims the camera is capable of shooting better photos with its dark light proof and reflection proof technology, which we have yet to seen, but it would be interesting to see how these features could potentially improve the luminosity of the smartphone’s photographic abilities.

The P8000 can be purchased for US$129.99 here.

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