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Electrolux Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation With New Series of Home Appliances

Ask anyone to name Swedish companies and many will think of Ikea, the home furnishing giant that has set up shop all over the world. But there’s also Electrolux, founded by Swede entrepreneur Axel Wenner-Gren, which counts itself amongst the largest home appliance manufacturers in the world by sales volume.

It is also one of the pioneering figures in the history of consumer refrigeration and continues to be at the forefront of innovation across home appliance categories.

The 617L NutriFresh Inverter Multi Door Fridge. Image: Electrolux

Electrolux celebrates its 100th anniversary alongside a wide swathe of product announcements. The Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter Multi Door Fridge, NutriFresh Inverter Fridge and UltimateCare 900 washing machine all sport innovative features to add convenience and comfort for users. With striking, minimalist Swedish design, these new products are able to complement any home.

617L NutriFresh Inverter Multi Door Fridge

While most refrigerators on the market offer either the option to store food in the freezer or the chiller, Electrolux redefines the technology with its new UltraChill concept.

Storing meat, fish and seafood at -2ºC avoids the reduction of food quality and inconvenience during long defrosting processes when food is kept at -19ºC in conventional freezers.

The adjustable divider on the Electrolux 617L NutriFresh Inverter Multi Door Fridge. Image: Ian Ling

In the 617L NutriFresh Inverter Multi Door Fridge is the FlexFresh Drawer, that offers a quick-adjustable divider to separate a wide variety of foods. While certainly named after its storage flexibility, the FlexFresh Drawer also enables users to adjust cooling conditions in the compartment from between -23ºC to 7ºC – an immense degree of customisability.

Users are also able to adjust the temperature of the FlexFresh Drawer. Image: Ian Ling

421-537L NutriFresh Inverter Fridge

This fridge offers a variety of radical new features, such as the TasteLock Crisper with NutriPlus filter. In an completely airtight compartment, the fridge offers fine control over the humidity in a “micro-climate” to seal in nutrients and freshness in your foodstuff. This feature is also found in the 617L fridge above.

The 421-537L NutriFresh Inverter Fridge. Image: Electrolux

360 Cooling on the 421-537L NutriFresh Inverter works alongside TasteLock Crisper and NutriPlus to precisely control and maintain temperatures across different compartments in the fridge.

The user interface of the latest Electrolux Inverter Fridges. Image: Ian Ling

UltimateCare 800/900 Washer and Dryer

Electrolux’s newest line of laundry products bring with them a range of innovation to deliver added convenience.

The UltimateCare 800/900 Washer and Dryer bring several innovations to improve your laundry management at home. Image: Electrolux

SensorWash optimises wash cycle times according to dirt levels sensed in laundry loads, while UltraMix ensures detergent is fully incorporated in the water so that even cold washes are effective. This also reduces the risk of detergent staining by 80%, along with 31% less colour fading even after 52 cycles.

Electrolux’s newest laundry solutions offer remote control via mobile app, along with a range of innovations. Image: Ian Ling

DelicateCare ensures that even delicate clothes are not over-dried by monitoring humidity and temperature, while the tumble action has been designed to be more gentle and even.

Electrolux’s newest line of washers and dryers can be controlled remotely from iOS and Android smart devices, making laundry day that bit more convenient.

Electrolux will celebrate its centenary on August 29, 2019.

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