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Snowden will show you how to keep The Man from spying


Edward Snowden, the whistleblower that leaked classified NSA documents in 2013, isn’t done making headlines. In the next episode of VICE on HBO, Snowden will show you how to reduce the risk of government surveillance on your smartphones.

If you’re connected to the internet, then you’re at risk of being monitored. Unless you have something extreme to hide, chances are you don’t need to worry. But for the ultra conservatives, any sort of monitoring by a third party or government agency must be kept at bay.

So in the episode of VICE airing tomorrow on HBO, VICE founder Shane Smith will chat with Snowden, and we’ll get to see first-hand Snowden’s life-hacking techniques. In the preview video (unlisted on YouTube), Snowden is filmed busting a phone open and removing the mic and camera modules. This “blackout” method basically removes the threat of government agencies chiming in on your conversations (because you won’t be having one) or video calls (again, because you won’t be having one).

What if we want to keep these features, but still prevent the government from tapping into our smartphones, laptops and other connected devices? The Snowden episode airs on HBO tomorrow, so we’ll get it directly from the man himself.

Ultra-nerds may need to lower their expectations, because it’s for entertainment purposes after all. Still, it’ll be nice to see Snowden chitchat with Smith on the topic that’s on everyone’s mind: How do we surf without being served?

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