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Edward Snowden may have to hide in Russia’s airport for weeks

Edward Snowden’s safe passage to Ecuador is anything quick, as the NSA whistle blower is purportedly still hiding away in Moscow’s airport awaiting confirmation of his asylum acceptance from Ecuador.

After leaking classified documents regarding PRISM and then hightailing to Hong Kong, Snowden is still far from being out of danger.  With Uncle Sam hot on his heel, Snowden will be endangered if he steps onto any soil—other than the nations that wish to house him.

The Ecuadorian government, although just as corrupt as any other, seems to think favorably of Snowden, and may provide him with a temporary safe haven.  However, it remains that Snowden has yet to step feet onto Ecuadorian soil, and a future flight out of Russia still not planned for according to the Russian press.

In a statement from Ecuador’s embassy to Washington on Wednesday, the embassy states that Ecuador will review the US’s request for detaining and extradition of Snowden ‘responsibly’, provided the US submits a written proposition.

According to a portion of the statement:

“The legal basis for each individual case must be rigorously established, in accordance with our national Constitution and the applicable national and international legal framework. This legal process takes human rights obligations into consideration as well.”

For the time being, Snowden is stuck in Russia while the US and Ecuador hashes out details regarding the future of the American fugitive.  Ecuador claims Snowden’s bid for asylum will take several weeks, and that human rights as well as international law will be taken into consideration during the process.


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