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Edimax BR-6478AC Dual-Band Router Review

The BR-6478AC is Edimax's latest wireless router for the 802.11ac market, retailing in Singapore for SGD$229 (with USB 3.0 adapter bundle).

We've previously reviewed other 802.11ac solutions from Asus, D-Link and Netgear. Today we take a look at Edimax's dual-band entrant – the BR-6478AC.

Like most other mid-range to high-end routers of today, the BR-6478AC comes with full Gigabit RJ-45 LAN ports and WPS support. Sadly, USB connectivity for storage devices or printer is not available and the dual 3 dBi dipole antennas limits its range and theorectical throughput to just 867Mb/s, keeping it out of the performance league of the other tri-antenna solutions that we have reviewed before.


Inside we find two 2T2R wireless radios – with a Realtek RTL8192CE chipset handling the 2.4GHz band and another Realtek RTL8812AR (mounted on a mini PCIe slot) for 802.11ac operation. CPU functions is taken care by the RTL8179D SoC (most likely MIPS), backed up by 4MB of Macronix flash memory and 64MB of Nanya DDR2 RAM.


The bundled EW-7822UAC 802.11ac USB 3.0 adapter uses the 2T2R RTL8812AU chipset, and has a foldaway antenna for optinum signal performance.

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