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Edge-mania escalates, with Samsung ‘looking into’ curved phone besides Note 5 Edge

Will it be a new franchise starter or “edgy” spin-off of a previous Galaxy installment?

Galaxy S6 Edge

If incipient rumors regarding a predictable Galaxy Note Edge successor can’t have possibly taken you by surprise, we’re pretty certain you weren’t expecting any more movement on the curved screen smartphone front from the Korean mobile champions.

Not so soon after S6 and S6 Edge’s debuts, and not with demand and production of the two flagships far from lined up. Then again, everything’s under control in terms of current mass-manufacturing, according to ET News, and Samsung has such a strong grasp of “high-tech processing technologies”, they can afford to explore device diversification.

Galaxy Note Edge

As in, possibly making side panel-sporting handheld variants more than a Galaxy S/Note-only affair. Sounds crazy, but apparently, the “second half of the year” could bring an “additional new Edge model between Galaxy S6 Edge” and the tentatively dubbed Note 5 Edge.

Of course, it all depends on how S6 Edge sales evolve on the back of 3 million units a month production capacity, cranked up from 1 mil originally. The million-dollar question is this: what other Galaxy family member might qualify for a looped remake?

The Galaxy Alpha? A-series, E-series? Surely not the entry-level J-series? Will we be seeing an extra letter added to Samsung’s new, simpler naming scheme? Only time can tell, so patience, everybody.

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