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ECS PF88 Extreme Hybrid + SIMA A9S Platform Converter Card

The ECS PF88 has no lack of feat

The ECS PF88 has no lack of features. With that impressive list from the
previous page, it breaks away from the traditional ECS image of being mainstream
and for the budget. Of course, the highlight of the show would definitely be the
capability of platform conversation. However, let’s also take a closer
look at the other aspects of this board.


A picture of the ECS PF88, from top down.


The Northbridge heatsink, which is responsible for cooling the SIS 656
Northbridge. Due to its small size, this heatsink is slightly underpowered in terms of
cooling capacity. Operating temperatures could get scorching hot after short
periods of usage. It will be best to cool this area with a fan.


Right under the Northbridge heatsink, the SIS 656 Northbridge.


The Southbridge of the board, the SIS 965 chipset. This Southbridge is
shared by both the Intel platform (native to ECS PF88) and the AMD platform
(through the SIMA A9S Converter Card). Being one of the most flexible
Southbridge made, it can be shared in such way.


The Dual Channel DDR2 memory slots. ECS calls them “999 DIMM”. What an
unusual name, just like the concept of this board.


The ECS PF88 has 2 PCIe x16 slots, but only 1 can be used at any one
point of time. The 2nd slot is meant to be used only when the SIMA card is
installed, as per stated on the warning sticker covering the slot.


The extra long SIMA connector, for the use of ECS’s proprietary SIMA
converter cards. The main slot itself resembles a normal PCIe x16 graphics slot.
However, this SIMA slot comes with another smaller slot too.


The Silicon Image Sil3132 chipset, responsible for the control of 2x SATA2
(3GB/sec) ports. This chipset also gives support for both RAID 0 and RAID 1
configuration on those 2 ports.


A Marvell 88E1111 Gigabit LAN PHY controller, providing the Gigabit LAN for
the board, using conventional PCI bus.


The Sound chip onboard. With support for high quality 8 channel audio, this
Realtek ALC850 also supports AC97 version 2.3 specifications.


This VIA VT6307 take charge of the Firewire capabilities on the ECS PF88.


A shot at the rear I/O ports. 4 USB, 2 Serial, standard Audio in/outputs, and
Firewire are just among those included. Please refer to our specification table
in the previous page for complete listings.


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