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Before mounting the liquid cooling system in the rig, we first setup the system on the table and filled the reservoir with distilled water to try and flush out any residue, dust and particles receding in the tubes, radiator, pump and so on.

The distilled water that we are using..



A funnel was not provided..so we have to use our own..




Filling the bottle with distilled water..




Bluish delight!




and guess the color of the fan on 9800GTX+…yes..BLUE!




Using a external powersupply, we powered up the system and hear a distinct pumping sound along with the fan whirling loudly.

We let the system run for about 30min before we drain the system.




and after 30min..and carefully draining the distilled water..see what we have here in our container..




hehe..previous pic is too small..heres the enlarged version..click on the pic for a bigger pic..

notice the amount of particles inside the system..




We then proceed to refill the setup with distilled water and repeat the above procedures. After the second run, the water came out nice and clean.

We go on to mount the setup in our Silverstone TJ09 case.

Connecting the tubings is a tough job..see how much the tubing is stretched below..




Adjusting the clamps..




Hose clamp in place..!




The four tubings connected after a 5min of pushing and squeezing..




Overall view..messy wires..lets see how the temps goes later on..




Once again we used an external power supply and get the liquid cooling system up and running..this time filled with the provided coolant..

Filling the coolant takes quite a bit of time due to the position of the system being mounted..it is quite hard to fill it with a funnel, hence we have to employ the method suggested on the instruction manual..using the refilling bottle, we slowly squirt the greenish liquid into the reservoir..

Upon powering up, the level of the coolant dropped below the ‘Low’ level rapidly, hence we are required to fill the reservoir up again..

During the first 5 mins of running, we can hear lotsa of bubbles sound as with the first run with distilled water..it became smoother and noiseless as time goes by..

The system is left to run for an hour to ensure theres no sign of leakage..




With the 1 hour passed with no leakage detected..we proceeded to power up the entire rig..and viola! the bluish theme splashed with reddish outlook..

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