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Ecomo: World’s First Twist-to-Filter Smart Water Bottle

On this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Ecomo. Perhaps the world’s first twist-to-filter, insulated and Smart water bottle which knows the contents of your water, filters it accordingly and then lets you know when it is safe for consumption. Ecomo was created as a viable solution to providing clean water on-the-go, and cut down on plastic waste from disposable water bottles.


It works easier and faster than filtering the water at home or boiling water over fire when outdoors. Simply fill Ecomo up with water you are about to drink, give it a little shake so a quick test can be done check its quality, twist and wait for the filter to do its job and viola! Clean water safe for consumption in a jiffy. The detachable filter is able to remove harmful contaminants like pesticides, petrochemical products, bacteria and most heavy metals – preventing stomach upsets and illness due to poor water quality.


Aside from its filtration abilities, Ecomo comes with a hydration tracker which can be found attached around the water bottle that doubles up as a wearable of sorts. This hydration tracker not only alerts you of the water quality before and after filtration, but also tracks daily intake and calculates hydration needs. For those who already have a fitness wearable and not want to wear another on your wrist, you would be glad to note that Ecomo can be paired with Apple Watch and Fitbit.

As with any other Smart gadget, Ecomo comes with a companion mobile application which works well with Android and iOS devices. When paired with your Smartphone, the application is able to tell you of your hydration history, real-time temperature of water, contaminants that was in your water, customise hydration goals, receive hydration alerts to.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 25cm (9.8”) x 8cm (3.0”)

Volume: 591ml (20oz)

Weight: 369g (13oz)

Filter Lifespan: 2 – 3 Months

Battery Life: 1 Week

Mobile Application Compatibility: Android and iOS

Available Colours: Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, White, Grey, Black, Pink

Just think about its possibilities! From just helping you filter out contaminants on a daily basis, to a nifty gadget for when you are out camping or travelling in countries where tap water is not safe for direct consumption.


Availability and Price

Although Ecomo has but just started their Kickstarter campaign, they have been very well received and are already fully funded. This Smart bottle does not come cheap. Its next available pledge is priced at SG$191 (US$139), this includes 1 Ecomo in the colour of your choice and 1 hydration tracker. Additional Ecomo filters can be purchased at SG$14 (US$10) each. International shipping is at an additional SG$21 (US$15). All order look to be fulfilled by March 2017.

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