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Easydy unveils E88 tablet device for China

You know what they say about Chinese OEMs and their devices: if there is a product out there that does well on the market, it will only be a matter of time before some enterprising Chinese OEMs produce a similar device based off its likeness, but with vastly different hardware and capabilities to boot. And this is exactly what Easydy has done with its E88 tablet device, which bears more than a passing semblance to a certain tablet we all know so well.

How would you like to own an 'iPad 2' at the unbelievably low price of US$98? Well, that is exactly what a Chinese OEM known as Easydy is offering its domestic Chinese market, and its product comes in the form of the E88 tablet, which, as we have already pointed out previously, bears more than just a passing semblance to the real deal that has been released to critical acclaim by Apple.

According to a report posted by M.I.C Digi, the Easydy E88 may resemble Apple's iPad 2 tablet device, but that is where the similarity ends. This is because, unlike the ARM processors used to power most of the tablets that are currently available for sale on the market today. Easydy has opted to furnish its E88 tablet with a VIA 8650 processor that is clocked at 800MHz. And we all know what an x86-based processor means; technically, users with sufficient computer know-how can replace the bundled Android 2.2 operating system with a working copy of Windows into the E88.

In addition to the use of an x86-based processor, the E88 will also feature 256MB of memory, 4GB of storage, (expandable via microSD cards) and a 9.7-inch resistive touchscreen capable of a native resolution of 800 x 600. Last but definitely not least, M.I.C Digi claims that the E88 will come with built-in support for 3G and will weigh 479g.

Source: M.I.C Digi

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