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EA’s CEO Sees Next-Gen Consoles Coming Soon

EA's CEO in a recent interview with CNBC has said that he thinks the next generation of consoles will be coming soon in order to boost the NPD numbers of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The gaming industry is not doing well, at least as far as Wall Street is concerned. Electronic Arts, along with other game developers and publishers that are publicly traded, have been struggling with low stock prices. In his recent interview with CNBC, however, John Riccitiello, CEO of the publishing giant, said that he believes his company’s financial outlook will turn around if it can move into next-gen consoles soon. According to that logic, we should hopefully be seeing the next generation of gaming consoles sometime in 2013. Other analysts have pointed to signs, such as hints and leaked details about the PlayStation “Orbis” and the Xbox “720”, as indications that we can expect an announcement sometime in 2013, either at CES or at E3.

In his interview, Riccitiello mentioned the company’s greatest challenges, which include a heavy saturation of the market for the next console generation. He predicts that we’ll hear official announcements about these consoles coinciding with how those announcements will factor into their NPD data. “I think a major catalyst coming forward and the most important catalyst coming forward is visibility on next-gen consoles because that NPD data… that can and should be reversed out at some point probably starting next year.” While this prediction isn’t the kind starting with “I believe we’ll see the next generation of consoles in…” it makes logical sense. Financial data hasn’t been great lately, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo seeing, in some cases, double-digit losses in their sales figures for June, leading to the big three, and major third party developers, seeing the writing on the wall for this generation of consoles.

Another indicator to the major players in the gaming industry is the massive amount raised by the Kickstarter project for Ouya, a new console being developed which will run Android, be fully open for tinkering and will cost only $99 on launch; this project should serve as a big sign that the gaming public is ready for something new.

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